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Finding Joy Fighting Breast Cancer

These Things

In July of 2009 I had surgery for breast cancer and in September started six months of chemo. ….these things is a photo book I created to cheer myself up. As winter fell I spent a lot of time looking at photos I had taken of warmer times and it really helped to keep my spirits up. Photographing nature is my passion and I love to make artwork out of my pictures. And researching the quotes gave me a lot of things to think about. I first published this book in December of 2009. It is still available on Blurb .

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These Things - 01-c23.pngThese Things - 02-c89.pngThese Things - 03.pngThese Things - 04.pngThese Things - 05.pngThese Things - 06.pngThese Things - 07.pngThese Things - 08.pngThese Things - 09.pngThese Things - 10.pngThese Things - 11.pngThese Things - 12.pngThese Things - 13.pngThese Things - 14.pngThese Things - 15.pngThese Things - 16.pngThese Things - 17.pngThese Things - 18.pngThese Things - 19.pngThese Things - 20.pngThese Things - 21.pngThese Things - 22.pngThese Things - 23.pngThese Things - 24.pngThese Things - 25.pngThese Things - 26.pngThese Things - 27.pngThese Things - 28.pngThese Things - 29.pngThese Things - 30.pngThese Things - 31.pngThese Things - 32.pngThese Things - 33.pngThese Things - 34.pngThese Things - 35.pngThese Things - 36.pngThese Things - 37.pngThese Things - 38.pngThese Things - 39.pngThese Things - 40.pngThese Things - 41.pngThese Things - 42.pngThese Things - 43.png

DAY BY DAY In His Hands

I started a ‘photo a day’ project in January of 2010 to challenge myself to see something beautiful or interesting each day. I did it until the end of April 2010 when I had my last of twenty five radiation treatments. It seemed like a good place to stop. I was amazed at how God provided blessings each day to encourage and comfort me. DAY BY DAY In His Hands is a book I made from that project. I have left out a few pages that were quite personal.

Day by Day - 44.pngDay by Day - 45.pngDay by Day - 46.pngDay by Day - 48.pngDay by Day - 49.pngDay by Day - 50.pngDay by Day - 51.pngDay by Day - 52.pngDay by Day - 53.pngDay by Day - 55.pngDay by Day - 56.pngDay by Day - 57.pngDay by Day - 58.pngDay by Day - 59.pngDay by Day - 60.pngDay by Day - 61.pngDay by Day - 62.pngDay by Day - 63.pngDay by Day - 64.pngDay by Day - 65.pngDay by Day - 66.pngDay by Day - 67.pngDay by Day - 68.pngDay by Day - 69.pngDay by Day - 70.pngDay by Day - 71.pngDay by Day - 72.pngDay by Day - 73.pngDay by Day - 74.pngDay by Day - 75.pngDay by Day - 76.pngDay by Day - 77.pngDay by Day - 78.pngDay by Day - 79.pngDay by Day - 80.pngDay by Day - 82.pngDay by Day - 83.pngDay by Day - 84.pngDay by Day - 85.pngDay by Day - 86.pngDay by Day - 87.pngDay by Day - 88.pngDay by Day - 89.pngDay by Day - 90.pngDay by Day - 91.pngDay by Day - 92.pngDay by Day - 93.pngDay by Day - 94.pngDay by Day - 95.pngDay by Day - 96.pngDay by Day - 97.pngDay by Day - 98.pngDay by Day - 99.pngDay by Day - 00-c96.pngDay by Day - 01-c4.pngDay by Day - 02-c38.pngDay by Day - 03-c31.pngDay by Day - 04-c33.pngDay by Day - 05-c1.pngDay by Day - 06-c38.png