About Me

When I was young (a long long time ago…..) I was the geeky kid in the class. I enjoyed reading and art and science but sports not so much.

I loved to write and act and draw, and taught myself to play guitar, but I was too shy to play in front of anyone. I shared a home darkroom with my Dad and brother. We shot black and white bulk film in fully manual cameras (no ‘auto’ back then). It was so magical watching the photo appear under the red lights.

My Dad in the darkroom working with the enlarger.

My Dad in the darkroom working with the enlarger.

Most of my hobbies were solitary. I never really felt like I fit in.

I ‘grew up’ and stopped doing all those things I loved for many years. Why do we think we need to do that?

There was one thing I had going for me when I was in high school that I didn’t really appreciate until recently. I knew my purpose. When it came time to write in the other kids yearbooks at the end of high school I wrote this:

“My purpose is to find the beauty and joy in life and share it.”

It has taken me forty (yikes!) years to come full circle. A lot of water under this old bridge. But I’ve come back to the creative things that I loved so much.

I’ve found the beauty and it gives me so much joy I want to share it. And now I finally feel like I belong.

Kim Doucette